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Located in Horry County, SC, just south of the North Carolina   density of 1,164 people per square mile, North Myrtle Beach
        border, along the scenic Atlantic Ocean, North Myrtle Beach   has plenty of open spaces to escape the crowds. Generally
        is made up of four small beach communities. In 1968,  Cherry   speaking,  the  closer  you  get to the  coast the  higher  the
        Grove, Ocean Drive, Crescent Beach and Windy Hill were   population density.
        incorporated into North Myrtle Beach, forming a unique city
        in which each area maintains its own distinct identity.  The population is a near even split between male (47%)
                                                              and female (53%) residents, and the average age is 59.3.
        Extending north to south from Little River, SC to the Myrtle   An impressive 93.2% of its residents over the age of 25
        Beach city limits, and from the Atlantic Ocean to just west   have a high school education or higher, while 33.3% have
        of the Intracoastal Waterway — North Myrtle Beach is a total   a bachelor’s degree or higher, and 11.3% own a graduate or
        of 22 square miles of land. The city’s population is 16,000+,   professional degree. North Myrtle Beach residents have an
        according to 2017 US Census estimates.                annual median household income of $50,838.

        The population growth rate rose from 20% to 25%, which is   Along with the obvious tourism market, real estate is
        one of the highest in the state. However, with a population   understandably a major industry in North Myrtle Beach.
                                                              The median cost of owner-occupied homes, including single
                                                              family houses, multi-family houses, and multi-family units,
                                                              is  $281,493  (2016),  nearly  twice  the  statewide  average.
                                                              The home-ownership rate is 73.2% with an average of two
                                                              people per housing unit.
                                                              Source: and

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