Page 8 - North Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce 2018 Relocation Guide
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The only thing better than a North Myrtle beach vacation may be a North Myrtle Beach relocation. While many people
        visit every year, some are deciding to make it more permanent by moving to the area. Like the natives and relocated locals
        have discovered, every day is a vacation when you live in paradise!

        #1 - The Beach – This is the first reason people flock here.   #8 - Recreation & Fitness  – Whether you prefer indoor
        With nine miles of beautiful, white-sand beaches, there’s   or outdoor recreation, North Myrtle Beach has plenty of
        plenty of room to enjoy your new backyard.            options for you. The Aquatic and Fitness Center provides
                                                              state-of-the-art indoor aquatic facilities along with modern
        #2 - Real Estate – North Myrtle Beach not only happens to be   equipment for fitness enthusiasts. For those who prefer the
        one of the prettiest spots in America; it also is one of the least   outdoors, our 8 parks and the new Sports Complex includes
        expensive to live. With a wide selection of new and existing   sports fields, dog parks, walking and bike trails.
        homes, oceanfront condos and golf communities, transplants
        from other parts of the nation are often blown away by how   #9 - Civic Organizations  – A variety of Civic Organizations
        much more affordable North Myrtle Beach is compared to   are always active and working to make a difference in North
        their hometowns. We boast one of the lowest property tax   Myrtle Beach.  Where ever your interests lie, be sure to join in
        bills in the nation.                                  and find purpose in helping your new community.  Also, it’s
                                                              a great way to meet your new neighbors & learn more about
        #3 - Cost of Living – North Myrtle Beach boasts some of   your new home town!
        the lowest tax rates in South Carolina. Plus, the cost of retail
        goods and services in North Myrtle Beach are 8% lower than   #10  -  Relaxation  –  The  tranquil  beaches  and  laid-back
        average for SC and 3% lower than the rest of the country.  lifestyle of North Myrtle Beach is one of the main reasons
                                                              people relocate to our little corner of the coast. For those of
        #4  -  Schools  –  Federal  grades  show  that  Horry  County   us who call it home, we consider it the “Best little beach town
        Schools were the highest ranked county wide school system   in America”!
        in the state and several area high schools were named as
        Best High Schools by US News and World Report in 2013.
        Along with great public schools, there are many private &
        supplemental options, as well as accredited colleges for
        higher education.

        #5 - Golf – With more than 100 award-winning golf courses
        on the Grand Strand, many of them in North Myrtle Beach,
        you could play every weekend for two years before you hit
        the same course twice.
        #6 - Festivals & Events – One of the first things new residents
        discover is that North Myrtle Beach knows how to entertain.
        With the downtown concert series, MayFest on Main Festival,
        the St. Patrick’s Day Parade and Irish-Italian Festival, North
        Myrtle Beach keeps the fun sign on year-round. Regular SOS
        shag-dancing functions and outdoor parties at La Belle Amie
        Vineyards also keep your social calendar busy.
        #7 - Weather – Odds are the farther north you live the higher
        this one ranks on your list. Leave your snow boots and ice
        scraper at home and move to North Myrtle Beach, where the
        mild climate gives you more days to get out and enjoy all that
        North Myrtle Beach’s great outdoors have to offer.

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